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Current and Former Military Members

Agent | Portland, OR, United States

Farmers Insurance has been a long-time supporter of hiring military veterans and assisting them in their transition to civilian life. “The military background gives veterans the experience needed to succeed in our fast-paced environment,” said Luisa Acosta-Franco, Head of Multicultural Recruiting and Field Support at Farmers. “Military veterans are natural leaders, which is essential to the success of agency owners and all of our employees here at Farmers.”

Military support is nothing new to the insurance company; in fact, it is part of the company’s DNA and goes back to before the company was even established. Prior to starting Farmers Insurance in 1928, one of the company’s co-founders, John C. “Jack” Tyler, served in World War I. Just as Farmers was founded on a strong culture of supporting our troops, it continues to be proud supporters of our men and women in uniform today.

Why Farmers Insurance Is A Smart Choice  

Farmers will help you establish your marketing systems and initial sales presentations.  When you're ready to start the business-development phases, Farmers will provide you and your staff with plenty of support.  

Additionally, Farmers Insurance Group is built on a long history of achievements and dedication of service to our clients.  Today, we are the third largest Property and Casualty insurer in the country. For those with drive and ambition, becoming a member of the Farmers Insurance Group provides a unique opportunity to incorporate a variety of roles into one's career pursuit.

Find A Program That Fits You  

Agency Acquisitions Program - The Agency Acquisitions program provides lucrative financial incentives to capitalized external candidates to facilitate the purchase of service commission rights to existing Farmers agencies. 

Retail Program - The Retail program is designed to attract capitalized entrepreneurs seeking a start-up opportunity that maximizes the ROI and provides the financial support to rapidly grow.

Seed Program - The Seed Program is a unique and powerful succession planning tool that provides the ability to transfer partial commission rights of existing policies to qualified external candidates. The candidate receives the benefit of immediate revenue without the cost of acquisition while Farmers preserves the existing location.

Match Program - The Match program is for candidates that have a limited background in entrepreneurship or insurance experience but the desired talents and attributes to develop into a great agency owner.

Agent Benefits

We recognize the commitment our agents make to grow their business and support their clients; therefore, we're proud to provide them with other excellent rewards, including:

  • Ability to build a stable and lucrative residual income stream
  • Lead generation tools and services
  • Economic interest in your business
  • Various bonus opportunities
  • Awards and recognition 
  • Retirement options and family take overs
  • Ability to sell the service rights to your commissions to an internal or external candidate
  • Health, dental and vision plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-term disability
  • Luxury trips
  • Continual professional development in sales, product, marketing and customer service
  • and MORE!!!

Agent Requirements

As a Farmers Insurance agent, you must have strong organizational and time-management skills as well as exceptional interpersonal communication abilities. We are seeking individuals from any background who are willing to work hard and commit themselves to their own success; however, experience in sales, marketing and/or customer service is very beneficial. All candidates must successfully pass the Farmers Insurance Application/Background Check:

  • College experience, a plus
  • Favorable credit history
  • No bankruptcies or excessive charge offs within the last 12 months
  • Favorable criminal record
  • No felony convictions
  • Valid state issued driver's license

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