The Tech Culture at CARFAX

Having a creative and innovative environment where our techies can collaborate, learn and grow is something CARFAX is passionate about. We have an entire floor dedicated to our techies, designed specifically to enable teams to dream big and produce the best. Along with creating and maintaining awesome software you’ll also be able to participate in our quarterly Hack-a-thon’s or take a break by kicking back and playing the latest game on x-box when you need to re-boot the mind.

Oh, and do you happen to have a dog? CARFAX is dog-friendly and no day goes by where you don’t have the chance to visit with one of the visiting pups. We even provide the dog beds, bowls and of course, toys!

A Culture of Innovation

At CARFAX we work in a team environment using Agile development methods to harness revolutionary tools and innovative thinking to bring forward thinking products to fruition. We utilize the latest methodologies, including Test Driven Development, Paired Programming and Continuous Integration Development.

The team is devoted to working smarter by cutting through the nonsense and getting stuff done. The work environment is filled with phenomenal innovation and high-energy with a dedicated team striving towards one goal at full speed.

Connect With Us

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