The Sales Culture at CARFAX

A culture of collaboration, teamwork and support! Healthy competition among the sales team, along with encouragement to improve, drives them to do their best and exceed their goals. You can hear and feel the passion of our inside sales team (aka the WOLF PACK) with their round of applause and wolf howls with each sale made. Even though our Field Sales team is usually in the field closing deals - their presence radiates throughout the company. 

Oh, and do you happen to have a dog? CARFAX is dog-friendly and no day goes by where you don’t have the chance to visit with one of the visiting pups. We even provide the dog beds, bowls and of course, toys!

The Sales Team as a whole stays connected and is supported by the entire company. Team CARFAX rallies behind and celebrates the success of the sales team... Currently all of CARFAX is "Rockin to the Finish" and is excited about closing with year with a bang!

Being a part of the sales team at CARFAX means you are selling the best products in the industry alongside the best sales people around!

With opportunities selling to dealerships, service shops, police agencies, banks, credit unions and insurance companies, there is certainly a great fit here for you!

Four Pillars for Success in Sales at CARFAX
Our philosophy

  • Be a product champion! Understand the value of our data, product innovations and be proud of the value of the services we provide
  • Show Initiative! Get excited about work! Pursue it with passion, energy, drive and a dedication to achieve results
  • Know our mission! CARFAX provides trusted information that helps millions of people buy and sell used cars with more confidence
  • Be a Team Player! R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me and the team

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