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Exciting Sales Opportunity-Work from Home-All United States
Work with us in a world gone virtual—and profit 

Our Reputation: 
Before you walk through the door of any workplace, it’s best to know what’s on the other side. That’s why we’re pleased to see that Working Solutions receives a 90% recommend rate from our agents and employees on Glassdoor. That percentage is more than double the rate of our competitors.We like that the site gives the pros and cons about a workplace, offering an eyes-wide-open view. Such candor, we believe, benefits people on both sides of the glass door.In the workplace and marketplace, the best begets the best. Give us a closer look. We believe you’ll like what you see—and apply.

Program Description: 

Working Solutions has an exciting opportunity in the vacation sales industry for determined, sales-minded individuals who are strong closers! Our client is a vacation wholesaler that provides great vacation options at a low cost. Contractors will make outbound calls to potential vacationers in response to interest forms they submitted.  Vacationers will be asked to choose a specific time and day to attend a presentation on vacation packages.  Contractors will be responsible for securing the appointment time and day. Contractors are authorized to offer great attendance gifts such as cruise vouchers, tablets, etc. to encourage attendance.  For each vacationer who attends their scheduled session, the Contractor will receive a sales bonus in addition to the standard talk time.

This client’s operating hours are Monday – Friday 7am – 1pm and 3:30pm – 9pm (central time) and Saturday 8 am – 11am (central time).  Agents will need to provide a minimum of 20 hours per week on this program.

Program Requirements:
  1. Contractors must have excellent sales skills, be determined and persistent in closing a sale.
  2. Contractors must be comfortable working to secure an appointment time on each call, offering multiple rebuttals as necessary. Strong second attempts are necessary to secure appointments.
  3. Contractors must be able to consistently provide a minimum of 20 hours per week within the client’s operating hours. Contractors have the most opportunity for success when scheduling work time in 2+ hour blocks.
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