Patrice Jimerson is new to our Appirian family, but feels like it’s a great ‘fit’ for her, for the first time in a long time. The Grace Hopper celebration is valuable in that it creates a strong network of professional women which provides a comforting resource for advice and support. The conference fosters these relationships and expands our minds. Her advice to her younger self would be to “Do what you think you can’t, BE BOLD!” Patrice likes to start her day with Audible books while getting ready and to make the commute more enjoyable. 

Jen Odess is on our Executive Management Team as the VP, Office of the CEO, and loves the challenging nature of the consulting business. The amazing and talented people she works with at Appirio drive her to be excited everyday for the opportunity to make a difference. It's extremely important to Jen to attend Grace Hopper to drive gender parity and diversity in the tech industry. Jen would definitely re visit her younger self to give the advice of "Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and take calculated risks". As part of her routine, Jen opens up Instagram first thing in the morning to start her day.


Hope Williams is an Orr Fellow working her way through each function of HR based in Indianapolis, IN. She looks forward to going to work everyday for the people, even though cliche, she loves working with creative individuals who love to have fun! Hope values the Grace Hopper celebration because it highlights the issues of equality in tech and provides the support to address this pressing issue. If she could speak to her younger self, she would say “don’t be intimidated by the unknown”. The first app she opens in the morning is the New York times, it gets the “brain juices flowing”!

Diana is our Manager of Consulting Services part of the Global Salesforce Delivery group based in our Indianapolis, IN office. Being part of consulting, Diana loves the challenging nature of the projects that is combined with amazing co-workers and the fun work environment at Appirio. Diana believes in Grace Hopper because it fosters excitement and encourages women to be empowered in the tech industry. If she could give her younger self advice she would say “Be confident in what you know and don’t feel limited by what you dont know.” To set herself up for a productive day, she likes the catch up on email first thing in the morning.

Join our Webinar on September 26th, 2017 at 3:30pm EST to learn more about our women delegates as they talk about "Tips on finding the perfect company match."

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