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What Can You Do to be a Better Coworker?

August 2019

At NeoGenomics, one of our core values is Teamwork. This means that we greatly value our employees, and we work together to achieve our goals. We embrace the diversity of our experiences, skills, and talents. We promote two-way communication to engage and foster the innovative and collaborative culture we seek. We are passionate about creating an environment of mutual respect, continuous learning, and personal growth. We support, recognize, and celebrate the success of our fellow employees. We succeed individually when we succeed as a team.

Recently, the Washington Post ran an article titled, “5 Things You Can Be Doing to Be a Better Coworker,” in which the author suggests things that people can do to become a better coworker and build a more collaborative work environment. Read about the author’s suggestions below, and think about your own behaviors—could you be doing more to be a better coworker?

  1. Smile. The author suggests that emotions are contagious and that people pick up on emotional cues. Therefore, when people see someone smiling, they themselves will instantly feel better. Additionally, when you smile at someone and they smile back, it naturally shows cohesion and solidarity.
  2. Engage in Small Talk. Though many people may go out of their way to avoid small talk, the author recommends engaging in it. “Having a genuine interest in your coworkers’ feelings, hobbies, and life events shows them you care—in turn improving communications and the work relationship.”
  3. Don’t Expect it Now. When expecting your coworkers to turn around assignments or projects, don’t forget that they have other priorities and tasks that must be completed. The author suggests that we “be mindful that (coworkers) have schedules and lives of their own, and don’t seek the same instant gratification from them that you would from, say, a printer.
  4. Learn the Art of Praise and Criticism. Maintaining a productive partnership—especially with those whom you frequently collaborate with—is key in an office setting. The author recommends, “When offering praise, be specific and genuine and try not to exaggerate. Your coworker should walk away understanding your value their work and having them on the team. With criticism, remember you’re their coworker, not their supervisor. Don’t word your criticism as though looking down on them.”
  5. Pay It Forward. A small, thoughtful act of kindness may in fact turn someone’s entire day around. The author recommends randomly cleaning the break room, bringing in a snack on Fridays or a coffee for a new mother who hasn’t been sleeping week, or inviting a stressed-out coworker on a walk in the afternoon.

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