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Meet the Recruiters: Ben

August 2019

Recruiter BenA note from Brandy Lai, Director of Talent Engagement at NeoGenomics: At NeoGenomics, we strive to communicate openly to engage talent and to foster an innovative and collaborative culture. We have a team of skilled and focused recruiters that are dedicated to finding talent who will help deliver on our common purpose—to save lives by improving patient care.

Naturally, the recruiter and candidate relationship may feel a little one sided with candidates submitting their resumes, answering questions, and giving detailed accounts of their professional history without knowing much, if anything, about the recruiter. This uneven dynamic may lead to uncomfortable or unnatural interactions, which may ultimately affect the outcome of an interview.

This is why we’re kicking off a Meet the Recruiters series, allowing candidates to learn more about their first points of contact when they apply to work at NeoGenomics. Read their own words and start building a connection on a personal level.

First up is Ben Sylvia, Talent Engagement Specialist.

How long have you worked at NeoGenomics, and what brought you here?
I’ve been working at Neo for 4 months. My first couple of years of recruiting was in the Biotechnology and BioAg fields, which is where my interest in the subject matter started. I spent several years recruiting technical roles in a large healthcare system and gained exposure to how a large, successful organization handles recruitment and the management of human capital.

What stands out to you most when talking to candidates?
A person’s passion for their work. People who really like what they do tend to be the best at it and contribute the most in their fields. These are the people I want to find and hire.

What advice do you have to anyone thinking about applying to NeoGenomics?
My advice for someone looking to work at Neo or really anywhere is be deliberate with your job search. Do your due diligence, do your homework, and have a career plan. Understand how the next job you are looking for fits into that plan, and understand the market for what you do and where you do it. Talk to people, go on interviews, and make informed choices. Finding work is a full-time job—one that doesn’t pay as well as the others out there. Make the best choice for you professionally and your family.

What do you love about working at NeoGenomics?
The agility of the organization and the impact we have on the healthcare community. We’re ‘right sized’ in that we can offer the perks to our employees of a very large organization but we still have a familiar, family feel to the workplace. Productive change is welcome and constant, not a trait of many organizations in this space. We’re also large enough that we have an impact on millions of patients every year through the work with our clients.  

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