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Meet the Recruiters: Alyssa

September 2019

Recruiter AlyssaA note from Brandy Lai, Director of Talent Engagement at NeoGenomics: At NeoGenomics, we strive to communicate openly to engage talent and to foster an innovative and collaborative culture. We have a team of skilled and focused recruiters that are dedicated to finding talent who will help deliver on our common purpose—to save lives by improving patient care.

Naturally, the recruiter and candidate relationship may feel a little one sided with candidates submitting their resumes, answering questions, and giving detailed accounts of their professional history without knowing much, if anything, about the recruiter. This uneven dynamic may lead to uncomfortable or unnatural interactions, which may ultimately affect the outcome of an interview.

This is why we’re kicking off a Meet the Recruiters series, allowing candidates to learn more about their first points of contact when they apply to work at NeoGenomics. Read their own words and start building a connection on a personal level.

Next up is Alyssa Podlogar, Talent Engagement Specialist.

How long have you worked at NeoGenomics, and what brought you here?
I have been with NeoGenomics for 3 weeks now! I recently relocated to Orange, CA, from Orlando, FL, where I worked in Human Resources at a hospital. It has been a goal of mine to live in California, and I am so happy that I get to live here and work for such a great organization!

What stands out to you most when talking to candidates?
What really stands out to me the most when talking candidates is their genuine passion about what they do and their knowledge about the company they’re applying to. It really makes a difference when a candidate has already researched NeoGenomics, and it shows me that they are dedicated to working here.

What advice do you have to anyone thinking about applying to NeoGenomics?
Do it! I know I have only worked at NeoGenomics for a couple of weeks, but everyone has made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I meet new people every day and am constantly learning new things, which helps me grow both professionally and personally.

What do you love about working at NeoGenomics?
I love the culture and the employees’ passion for the company. One big thing that stood out to me during the interview process and my experience working here so far is that all of the employees’ passion and excitement about how great Neo is. It motivates me to be the best I can for the company and my team!

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